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    Resolved The Ultimate Homework Completer (Conceptual name)

    Hello folks,

    After getting a software development job and having to go through the training exercises (no regrets on that, I actually needed as I had never worked with C# before), I came to the conclusion that there must be hundreds, if not thousands of people in the same situation as me, who'd like to "speed up" the process.

    While I do not encourage using something like that for cheating (kids, education is good for you), I do believe it could be used as a useful learning material, especially when you're stuck on a typical LINQ one-liner or something similar, which you know you shouldn't be stuck on.

    Anyway, straight to the point. Recently I've come up with this idea that I started working on today. What it is, is basically an enormous library, filled with various more and less common short exercises, which could by some be considered as "homework". The project will probably take a while to come out (as at the moment I'm working on it alone), but when it does, I believe it should be capable of helping out quite a few junior developers or university students.

    Obviously, the application will be completely free of charge and open source. What do you think - is it an idea, worthy of a time investment? Any tips/hints/comments?

    I will keep the thread updated, with progress reports, screenshots, etc.

    PS.: As I'll be focusing on .net languages at the moment, anyone with knowledge of other languages who'd like to lend me a hand is more than welcome to PM me.

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    Re: The Ultimate Homework Completer (Conceptual name)

    Don't bother keeping the thread updated. You've posted in the C++ forum which has nothing to do with C#.

    As far as the idea of developing a program that helps those cheat on homework... Really???

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    Re: The Ultimate Homework Completer (Conceptual name)

    You learn a lot from making a mistake, then working to figure out what you did wrong. This is how we learn things, by doing, and fixing our mistakes.

    You may be able to shortcut to the end, but then you'll still be making your beginner mistakes in more complex assignments (or heaven forbid in programs that actually need to do usefull stuff on someone's PC). ANd in those more complex assignments it'll be harder to home in on the mistakes. Especially since you never learned how to find/locate the errors in the first place.

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