hey all

I have some comboboxes
I have added the collections to them and have written code so that when the selectedindex == 0 etc it will output data to a digital display

what I want, is for the combobox to recognise that by clicking on one of the options in the collection that - that is the selection...

at this stage the only way I know my selectedindex== etc works is by using the private void combobox1_selectedindexchanged (object sender eventargs e) thing but for some reason I cannot figure out how to put that in to the piece of code I want... - if I put it in here it invalidates the float values from the measurementspeed.value=value line...

basically I dont know wht I'm talking about haha

This is what I have down

case "Bil_hast":

_lastVehicleSpeed.UpdateValue(DateTime.Now, value);
measurementSpeed.Value = value;

if (comboBox1.SelectedIndex == 0)

digitalbig1.DigitText = value.ToString("F0");
biglabel1.Text = "km/h";

if (comboBox2.SelectedIndex == 0)
digitalbig2.DigitText = value.ToString("F0");
biglabel2.Text = "km/h";