Hi there guys,

I am new here and I'm really not into programming - so please correct me if I posted in a wrong section (hope to find your understanding).
I am looking for somebody to help me to create a VB function working in MS Office 2007 (Excel and Outlook).

What I want to do:
1. I have an xlsx file with the database of my customers: their payments days information, the invoice ammount, etc.
2. I want to create a function, which will visit the xlsx file every day and send people (from the xlsx file) email notifications about the payments:
- the robot would compare the payment day with current date and use various email templates (f.e. 'Remember to make a payment in two days', 'There's only one day left', etc.)
- the notifications would use the data from the xlsx file (personalisation)
- robot can go automatically every day or I can manually run the function every day
- I normally work on the xlsx file, so it's updated every day.

Right now I waste way too much time and this could really help my productivity.
Hope you could help me. And again - sorry if my post is to lame for you.