Hi all,

To start, I'm looking for references on custom GUI interface design in Visual Studio or Visual C++. I am not looking for libraries such as Qt. Is there a list of references to begin such development? I've been doing research and have become relatively familiar with ATL and the WPF. Are these platforms more-or-less the right way to go? Even with these platforms, I don't have many references on example source to really begin full on-scale development.

I'm really looking for references on how to do custom GUI interfaces such as Netflix's Silverlight application or an application interface similar to http://uibox.deviantart.com/art/Wind...ws-8-253518002 . However, if I can avoid using Silverlight and achieve the same end, that'd be wonderful. If you can link example source code that helps illustrate how to achieve certain effects, that'd be wonderful.

Please let me know,