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I've mentioned to you on other threads that the compiler used by Dev-C++ and MingW is what is important. That compiler happens to be gcc.

The gcc compiler already supports everything that you are looking for.


MingW also uses gcc to compile projects. Dev-C++ (once again) is an IDE that just happens to have an old version of gcc already plugged into it. If you take a look at the link I gave you above, and do a little searching on the Internet, you should be able to upgrade MingW to use the latest version of gcc.

The boost libraries are extensively tested with gcc and Visual Studio, and I would say the two platforms that must compile successfully before being accepted by boost.org.

As to IDE's, there is CodeBlocks, which is up-to-date. Do an Intenet search and you will find other IDE's.


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seems that i didn't understand that before..thanks
1 thing: the CodeBlocks suports C++11?