I'd like to use the library PDFCreatorPilot.dll with VB6 and Windows XP
service pack3.
The problem is that I can't find this library among the libraries I can
add to my VB6 project (References..).

I did this test too:
1) Installed the latest version of the software:

2) Copied PDFCreatorPilot.dll into the directory C:\WINDOWS\system32

3) Created the vbsript test.vbs with this code:
Set PDF = CreateObject("PDFCreatorPilot.PDFDocument4")
PDF.SetLicenseData "demo", "demo"
fnt1 = PDF.AddFont("Arial", false, false, false, false, 1)
PDF.UseFont fnt1, 16
PDF.ShowTextAt 50, 50, "This is a PDF document."
PDF.SaveToFile "test.pdf", true

But if I run this vbscript with the command: "cscript.exe test.vbs" I
have this error:"Activex components can't create object" on the first line of the script.

The support of PDFCreatorPilot said to me that this library is not a COM object so you can't register it with regsvr32, but they didn't explain to me how to use it within a vbscript or a vb6 project.
They only said that it is possible.
According to you how can I create the object "PDFCreatorPilot.PDFDocument4" ?

Thank you very much for the help