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    [RESOLVED] Colon usage (single and double colon) Member initializer list?

    The below code is taken from the open source 7zip project (7z920\CPP\7zip\UI\FileManager\BrowseDialog.h)

    class CBrowseDialog: public NWindows::NControl::CModalDialog

    What does the single colon (CBrowseDialog:) mean? Is that Initializer List?

    I know the double colon (NWindows::NControl::CModalDialog) is Scope Resolution Operator.

    Why is (: public NWindows::NControl::CModalDialog) used with the class declaration?

    Similar code is found through out the project along with class declarations.

    Can someone help me with this?


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    Re: Colon usage (single and double colon) Member initializer list?

    The single colon indicates that CBrowseDialog inherits from NWindows::NControl::CModalDialog.
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    Re: Colon usage (single and double colon) Member initializer list?

    Thanks a lot laserlight.. Your answer is so precise and correct . I checked cpp inheritance code samples and you are correct . I was refreshing my cpp knowledge and got really confused between that and Initializer List. Now it is all clear to me.

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