The below code is taken from open source filezilla project (FileZilla_3.7.3_src\filezilla-3.7.3\src\interface\bookmarks_dialog.cpp)

#include <filezilla.h>
#include "bookmarks_dialog.h"
#include "sitemanager.h"
#include "ipcmutex.h"
#include "themeprovider.h"
#include "xmlfunctions.h"

BEGIN_EVENT_TABLE(CNewBookmarkDialog, wxDialogEx)
EVT_BUTTON(XRCID("wxID_OK"), CNewBookmarkDialog::OnOK)
EVT_BUTTON(XRCID("ID_BROWSE"), CNewBookmarkDialog::OnBrowse)
I'm unable to understand what are these lines after the #include. They don't end in semicolons. Looks very much like function calls.

Are BEGIN_EVENT_TABLE, EVT_BUTTON and END_EVENT_TABLE function calls? Function calls should end with semicolons right?

Can someone help me with this.. thanks.