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    WPF memory leak ? Case study:

    While making WPF features (WPF class libraries), did Microsoft QA/QC team perform enough testing before integrating them into dotNET framework ?

    Today, I had a small formal talk with 2 guys who revealed me a secret of the WPF project their team is working on that WPF itself still contains *several* unresolved memory leaks. Though my view about them is not good because they are still too *young* to qualify me(), I still believe what they told me about the project. When the project is big and contains a lot of processes with multiple accesses in and out of themselves, the issue may arise. They use dotTrace to profile their application. This is the point, I didn't ask if the leaks came from their own application or the WPF class library but since they discover this as a team and share with me as their success in KO-ing a big corp with big teams by big smart guys from big big big known schools a tiny finding. So I take it anyway.
    My question, does anyone know if WPF library has any memory issues ? Thank you.
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