We've got a colleague in the office whom we all here think is a very good c++ programmer - with the exception of templates. He can't seem to get his head around them no matter how much we try to explain to him. We have copies of 'c++ Templates The Complete Guide' and 'Advanced c++ metaprogramming' books which he's tried to understand and failed miserably! He really struggles to read or write any template code beyond that which would be considered trivial. He also struggles with using some parts of the STL (eg vectors of vectors etc) which again we put down to his non-understanding of templates.

Does anyone know of a simple guide to c++ templates - something along the lines of 'c++ templates for dummies' or 'The idiots guide to c++ templates'. This issue regarding templates and this person is getting serious as it's taking us longer to fix his template code as would be for us to write it ourselves in the first place. He knows and we all know he has this problem. He wants to be able to write non-trivial template code - and so do we!

Does any one have any ideas please?