I have a problem: when I want to change the date field value, the change is not done because the variable is set to type some hide.
The software is written in VB6.
I tried every possible way and it did not work.
It should be noted that I have no access to the original content of the site, so I can not delete the hidden property.
Maybe you can write a command to delete the settings of the variable memory but I do not know how to do it.
I'd love all the help you give.
Thank you.

'In HTML: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
HTML Code:
<input name="txtFromDate" type="hidden" id="txtFromDate" value="00000000"/>

'In Form: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SetInputField doc, 0, "txtFromDate", "02/08/2013"

'In Module: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Public q
Public From
Public doc As HTMLDocument 'Reference MSHTML.TLB - may end up being IHTMLDocument3

Public Sub SetInputField(doc As HTMLDocument, Form As Integer, Name As String, Value As String)
    'doc = HTMLDocument, can be retrieved
    ' from webbrowser --> webbrowser.document
    'Form = number of the form
    ' (if only one form in the doc --> Form = 0)
    'Name = Name of the field you would like to fill
    'Value = The new value for the input field called name
    'PRE: Legal parameters entered
    'POST: Input field with name Name on form Form in document doc will be filled with Value
     For q = 0 To doc.Forms(Form).length - 1
        If doc.Forms(Form)(q).Name = Name Then
            doc.Forms(Form)(q).Value = Value
            Exit For
        End If
     Next q
End Sub