Devart announced the new release of dbForge Studio for SQL Server, v4.5. The updated IDE for SQL Server management and development is enhanced with a brand new tool – SQL Server Data Generator, and has improved data and schema comparison functionality.

SQL Server Data Generator

The new tool, SQL Server Data Generator is a visual component for populating tables with thousands of customizable rows of test data, that considerably saves time and effort spent on test data generation. The main features of SQL Server Data Generator are:
* Fast generation of large volumes of test data
* Parameters customization for each column data type
* Immediate preview of data to be generated
* Generated data can be executed against a database or exported to an SQL script
* User-friendly wizard interface

The list of Schema Comparison improvements includes:
* Improved text comparer
* Option to show text comparer in a detached window
* Preview tooltip for previewing differences in statements with a large number of lines
* Information pane for indication of comparison and synchronization source and target
* Redesigned display of database objects in the grid

Additionaly, the new version has new information pane for indication of data comparison and synchronization source and redesigned display of database objects in the grid.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an integrated environment for SQL Server development, management, administration, data reporting and analysis. SQL Manager tools allows easily to create, edit, copy, attach, detach, backup and restore databases from one server to another. These SQL tools help developers to manage databases, speed up routine tasks and make complex database changes.

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dbForge Studio for SQL Server has Express, Standard, Data and Professional editions. The prices start from 149.95$. The Professional Edition is available for 30-day trial period. Express Edition is free to use.

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