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    I can not Update database When I want to check Duplicate Records

    Hi There !
    I have a table for e.g. have some here fields
    ID FNAME LNAME YearReg RegNo
    1 Anna Wacker 1970 108
    2 Antonio Krschne 1970 113
    3 Thomas Edwards 1972 116
    4 Christina Ludick 1970 110
    5 Martin Grilo 1972 102
    at the first I want to check in the table if YearReg=1970 , is RegNo is duplicate or not ? and then Update(Edit) the record :
    strSql =@"SELECT RegNo WHERE RegNo=@s1 AND YearReg=1970";
    oda_Edited.SelectCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(" @s1", txtRegNo.Text);
    DataTable dt_Edited = new DataTable();
    if (dt_Edited.Rows.Count > 0)
    MessageBox.Show("Already Exists!! ");
    OleDbCommand ocmd_Edited02 = new OleDbCommand();
    ocmd_Edited02.CommandText = @"UPDATE myTable SET ....
    But I can not Update the record (message show "Already Exists!!")
    Thanks for any Help ...

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    Re: I can not Update database When I want to check Duplicate Records

    If you are in control of the databse then I will say that you're going about this wrong.

    If a database field is supposed to not contain duplicate values, it should be designed as such. full stop. period. This ensures that the database itself handles these types of situations, instead of us programmers having to paste up all the leaks in our program

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