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    Test computer with an internet connection ?

    I want to search the code your computer with an internet connection, note: not the case on or off the network card

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    Re: Test computer with an internet connection ?

    You need to use the InternetGetConnectedState API, here is a small example I have which I porbably downloaded a long time ago from someone somewhere, or made myself - Honestly, I cannot remember :

    Option Explicit
    Private Declare Function InternetGetConnectedState Lib "wininet" (ByRef dwflags As Long, _
    ByVal dwReserved As Long) As Long
    Private Const CONNECT_LAN As Long = &H2
    Private Const CONNECT_MODEM As Long = &H1
    Private Const CONNECT_PROXY As Long = &H4
    Private Const CONNECT_OFFLINE As Long = &H20
    Private Const CONNECT_CONFIGURED As Long = &H40
    Public Function IsWebConnected(Optional ByRef ConnType As String) As Boolean
    Dim dwflags As Long
    Dim WebTest As Boolean
    ConnType = ""
    WebTest = InternetGetConnectedState(dwflags, 0&)
    Select Case WebTest
    Case dwflags And CONNECT_LAN: ConnType = "LAN"
    Case dwflags And CONNECT_MODEM: ConnType = "Modem"
    Case dwflags And CONNECT_PROXY: ConnType = "Proxy"
    Case dwflags And CONNECT_OFFLINE: ConnType = "Offline"
    Case dwflags And CONNECT_CONFIGURED: ConnType = "Configured"
    End Select
    IsWebConnected = WebTest
    End Function
    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim msg As String
    If IsWebConnected(msg) Then
    msg = "You are connected to the Internet via: " & msg
    msg = "You are not connected to the Internet."
    End If
    MsgBox msg, vbOKOnly, "Internet Connection Status"
    End Sub

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    Re: Test computer with an internet connection ?

    Your example code is incorrect results if the network card icon in the system tray of bright windows, then your code has internet connection(You are connected to the Internet via...), network card icon on the system tray clock am not sure if internet

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    Re: Test computer with an internet connection ?

    just shell "ping google.com" > File name

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