I receive a telegram in XML format and I need to parse it and send my data in the same format back. My main problem is that I'm not allowed to use any open source software or other 3rd party software except VS2010. I have to write it in C++.

Now my question: is there any good tutorial for such a parser? I was hoping that I could write something which can be used similar to the GEtPrivateProfil-functions which are handy for ini-files.

My XML telegram looks like hat:
<Tag0 cmdId=“254“ version=“1“ ID=“87951“ action=“doing1“>
        <!—comment1 -->
        <Tag1 lId=“31“ type=“12“ index=“100“ state=“open“ />
        <Tag1 lId=“31“ type=“12“ index=“135“ state=“open" />
        <!—comment2 -->
        <Tag2 lId=“42“ type=“32“ index=“2“ state=“open" >
                        <param key=“pos“ value=“center“ />
                        <param key=“car“ />
I was hoping to find a way to get to know how many tag1 and tag2 are in tag0 and then get for each tag the attributes and sub-tags like param in tag2