I've programmed in C/C++ and other languages before. I've passed two phone interviews for an Embedded Software Engineer position which mentions:
- Linux application and driver development for embedded microprocessor environments
- Previous experience in C++ programming and embedded development tools
- Knowledge of software engineering theory
- Strong debug, diagnostic and test skills
- Organized coding style
- Experience of integrating new and existing code

There's a lot to know about C++ and I can only remember the basics. I cant remember small details because I haven't been programming in C++ regularly in my current job (which is web development so its not really related). I have 7 days in which to prepare as much as I can and answer all the interview questions and show them I know my stuff. I have installed C++ development tools at home and work. I can create flash cards, write programs, do exercises - whatever it takes.

So what I need from people here is:

Any recommendations on good revisions tools/methods/resources, lists of exercises, interview questions etc so I can work on them and be prepared for this interview?
I can google and find some information but if I can get recommendations from experienced people here that would be great.