Hello everyone,
I hope I can get some advice on this matter as I'm currently confused on what tools(combination of different tools) can be used to start a project.

I'd like to start creating a website, medium big size website, and the programming languages that I'd like to use are as follow:

Front end : HTML5,CSS3,javascript
Back end: Java
Data: MySQL

I am familiar with eclipse, I have noticed that spring can make things easy but then tutorial I find seem to be out of date, as every other tutorial shows ways to do things that are easier or more up to date.
For example, initially I need to go on sites and download libraries to make my project work, but with maven I can add dependencies and that would download them automatically right?
So what are the best settings to set a web development environment using the languages I've mentioned and possibly tools like spring,maven,git and others if you think they would make life easy.

Thanks in advance