CString class in non-MFC static library
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Thread: CString class in non-MFC static library

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    CString class in non-MFC static library

    Hi All,

    I have a non-MFC static library which I share between a number of different projects, some non-MFC and some MFC. Currently the static library uses a typedef of std::wstring and std::string for UNICODE and non-UNICODE builds.

    After discovering it's possible to use CString in non-MFC applications, by including atlstr.h header, I decided I'd rather that than using stl strings and having to keep converting between the different types. However, I seem to be struggling with linker errors when linking the library with a MFC application.

    Does anyone know if this is possible? Can I create a non-MFC static library using CString from atlstr.h and link it with a MFC application?

    Thanks in advance,
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