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    CSS Displays Differently in Browsers

    I am not a professional web designer, so my question may have a simple answer that I have overlooked. Basically, I put together a site using Dreamweaver some years ago. Recently, I updated the "About Us" page on the site to include a scrolling banner. To my surprise and with very little hassle, it works perfectly...in Firefox 23.0.1 only. All other browsers that I've tested it in (i.e Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.) it displays incorrectly. Ugh. Realizing that the solution could be a simple tweak and that I might easily spend countless hours pursuing this solution, I am posting my question here. The problem webpage can be found here: http://www.abacuscarpentry.com/aboutus.html As I said, it should display correctly in Firefox 23.0.1. If so, you'll have an example of what I am after. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Is there a quick fix possibly?


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    Re: CSS Displays Differently in Browsers

    Also works correctly in Firefox 12.0.

    Doesn't work with IE8.
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    Re: CSS Displays Differently in Browsers

    I wouldn't recommend using the MARQUEE tag anymore. A closer look at your code shows that you're making your site HTML 5 compatible which is great, but I think Marquee ( because it is a non-standard HTML tag ) will be dropped soon / or have been dropped already.

    I'd recommend using JavaScript for animations like that. Here's is a nice example :


    I hope my answer was helpful

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    Re: CSS Displays Differently in Browsers

    Hannes is right!

    Also, from the design standpoint...there's a reason why no one uses marquees anymore...because people don't like them. Information scrolls across causing the eyes to follow a distraction rather than pointed content.

    Notice in your case that the information doesn't even fill the area. There's a huge blank area where the user has to wait for pictures to fill, then sees them all disappear again. I would highly suggest getting rid of scrolling data if you want a pleasing web design.
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    Re: CSS Displays Differently in Browsers

    Thanks for the reply HanneSTheGreaT. I'll run through the tutorial you pointed me to and see comes of it. Nice feedback. I didn't know about the marquee tag being dropped soon.

    And thank you for your reply PeejAvery. I totally agree with you. The 'marquee' idea came out of an effort to address/introduce a company whose numbers have outgrown the amount of space allotted for such on the webpage. Having limited capabilities, I opted for what I thought would be a simple and somewhat effective solution. But you've basically pointed out what my intuition was already telling me. I think I'll look into HanneS' linked article, but may also consider abandoning the marquee all together en lieu of something that works better from a good design standpoint.

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