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Hello Paul,

The file was created using this Matlab Code it seems : https://github.com/CovertLab/WholeCe.../FbaLPWriter.m

If you could alter the Malab code, maybe you can output 3 files, an "Objective function" file, a "Constraints" file, and a "Variable Bounds" file. For example, for the "Variable Bounds" file:
Name  <   <=  ==  >   >=

Adix     x    x     0    x     x
AdPix   x    0     x     x     -5.495024 
AHCYSix   x    x     0     x     x
AMPix    x    0     x     x    -2.197701
The first line doesn't go in the file, it is to show you what each column denotes in the input file. The first column is the name of the variable. The <, <=, ==, >, >= are the relevant operations to describing the bounding condition (I used the C++ "==" to denote equal).

So for example, if you take a look at the AdPix variable bounds in your original input file:
 ADPix >= -5.495024
 ADPix <= 0
Then the entry in the variable bounds file would be :
AdPix   x    0    x    x    -5.495024
The above is much easier to parse. Note that the "0" is in the <= column, and the "-5.495024" is in the >= column. The "x" means "ignore", no-op, i.e. whatever terminology to mean this operation doesn't apply.

This is just an idea. You need to come with a similar scheme for the maximization and constraints part of the file.


Paul McKenzie