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Thread: Need some advice on which direction to take for starting out

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    Need some advice on which direction to take for starting out

    Hey there. I've always loved computers and that you can make them do whatever you want. So recently I started to research about programming languages and things like that. I'm also interested in web design and that kinda stuff.

    So I got Dreamweaver (before I know how to use it lol). I also have a bunch of video training courses on things like HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java. The majority of my course videos are from Lynda.com, like JavaScript Essentials or something like that..

    What I understand so far is that obviously I'm gonna want to get pretty proficient in HTML and CSS before jumping into one of the languages. So I'm in the process of that now. I've looked at a lot of forums where everybody has an opinion on which language to start first. Sorry this is long, but what made me think of this was just now I wanted to compare two movie files I have, for all the detailed codec info etc., basically to tell me which file is of better quality. Now I know i can look at the properties and compare them. But I wished I could write some kind of program that compared the files you input..you know what I mean just like stuff to do things quicker for us. I guess what I'm getting to is what language does what. From what I've read JavaScript deals mostly with the web. If I wanted to write a stand-alone program to do something simple like I mentioned, which language should I go with? Obviously I'd love to learn all of them..but after getting through the HTML and CSS course, I'm going to start one of the languages.

    Again I'm sorry this is so long especially for my first post. I doubt anybody will even get through it to reply lol, but hey thanks in advance. BTW I wasn't sure if this was the correct location for this post, forgive me.

    Even a list like learn 1. HTML 2 CSS 3 PYTHON, whatever lol. I just need some direction. I have like every programming language training course sitting here and idk what to do haha. Thank you guys.
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    Re: Need some advice on which direction to take for starting out

    Thread moved to general developer topics.

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