I'm looking into writing games, and I thought I'd start learning C++, now don't assume I'm wanting to write games next week as you'd be wrong, I talking in one, two or three years when I'm fluent in C++ or at least I feel confident enough to attempt at writing games or learning OpenGL and such.

Before all of that I'm going to need some tutorials, I've come across the very good set of tutorials on the website http://www.learncpp.com/ in which I've read though the first section, however I'm more interested in video tutorials and I came across a series by "CodingMadeEasy", the series as a whole is nine hours which I feel is a little short so I skipped to the "last" video to read a comment which was posted eleven months ago asking when will the next video be released, with the reply "next week" which presumably didn't happen.

I'd really appreciate it if somebody could link me to a complete YouTube series which will hopefully get me enough knowledge to maybe start on OpenGL or go on to C++11.