Hi all,
I have a win32 application,in that user can draw different shapes on the screen by selecting different tool bar buttons with mouse ie,user can select a toolbar button,then i will change the cursor shape based on button clicked,after that when user clicking on the client area,that shape will print there.
My problem is after printing(drawing) 15 or 20 shapes(same or different),application getting hang,I tried to trace out the problem,i found that after a drawing a 15 or 20 shapes,system continously sending WM_PAINT message.In my code for each printing time(Clicking on the screen)i am invalidating the client area,so every time (Clicking mouse on the client area)system will send WM_PAINT message and drawing the shape on client area.What may be the reason for a continous WM_PAINT message sending without getting clicked on the screen