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    Post Php code to calculate monthly interest if checkbox is selected yearly if not selected

    I am trying to calculate yearly and monthly interest. If the checkbox is marked then you want to calculate on a monthly basis, if not selected then calculate on a yearly basis. Here is my code. I apologize now if I did not post this correctly.

    PHP Code:
    // get the data from the form
    $investment $_POST['investment'];
    $interest_rate $_POST['interest_rate'];
    $years $_POST['years'];
    $monthly_total $_POST['compound_monthly_interest'];
    $compound_monthly_interests =$monthly_total[0];
    $compound_monthly_interests = isset($_POST['compound_monthly_interest']);

    // validate investment entry
    if ( empty($investment) ) {
    $error_message 'Investment is a required field.'
        } else if ( !
    is_numeric($investment) )  {
    $error_message 'Investment must be a valid number.'
        } else if ( 
    $investment <= ) {
    $error_message 'Investment must be greater than zero.';        
    // validate interest rate entry
    } else if ( empty($interest_rate) ) {
    $error_message 'Interest rate is a required field.'
        } else if ( !
    is_numeric($interest_rate) )  {
    $error_message 'Interest rate must be a valid number.'
        } else if ( 
    $interest_rate <= ) {
    $error_message 'Interest rate must be greater than zero.';        
    // set error message to empty string if no invalid entries
    } else {
    $error_message '';

    // if an error message exists, go to the index page
    if ($error_message != '') {
        if (isset (
    $_POST['compound_monthly_interest']) && $_POST['compound_monthly_interest']=='Yes'){
    "Calculation done on a monthly basis.";
    // calculate the future value
    $future_value $investment;
        for (
    $i 1$i <= $years$i++) {
    $future_value = ($future_value + ($future_value $interest_rate *.01));

    // apply currency and percent formatting
    $investment_f '$'.number_format($investment2);
    $yearly_rate_f $interest_rate.'%';
    $future_value_f '$'.number_format($future_value2);
    // $compound_monthly_interests_f = '$'.  number_format($compound_monthly_interest, 2);
    Last edited by PeejAvery; October 5th, 2013 at 09:55 AM. Reason: Changed code to php tags

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