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Thread: Visual Basic Help!

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    Angry Visual Basic Help!

    I need to create a Console Application that can re order any given string into alphabetical order, I have very little code so far but I believe I need to use 'Bubble Sort' at some stage, please help. The code I already have is below.

    Module Module1
    Dim alphabetArray = New String(25) {}
    Dim userstring = New String(5) {}
    Dim userasalpha = New String(userstring.Len) {}

    Sub Main()
    'dragon, is a good example word'

    For intLoop = 1 To 26
    alphabetArray(intLoop, 1) = 'Char'(96 + intLoop)

    Console.WriteLine("Enter a string of letters, Maximum six... ")
    userstring = Console.ReadLine()

    End Sub

    End Module

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    Re: Visual Basic Help!

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    Re: Visual Basic Help!

    That doesn't help man?

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    Re: Visual Basic Help!

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    Re: Visual Basic Help!

    clearly you would need to place the source code at the point after you get the user input and before your end sub

    You should also use a more descriptive name for your threads as all questions here are about VB the title doesn't tell us anything
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