I want to ask something. I want to create a crystal report witch will run with a database in sql express 2005.
so i create to parameter fields for the user to put values, like this:
131;Id@EDT@_Reception Code (number) 131 is my table
131;Id@EDT@_Έως Κωδικό Κίνησης (number) 131 is my table

So i write a simple query like this on selection group.

{Emp131.Id} >= {?131;Id@EDT@_Reception Code} and
{Emp131.Id} <= {?131;Id@EDT@_Until Reception Code}

So my problem is that my field on database Id is a number, so when i put this code i dont get a box to insert value. If i change the value in parameters and put it string i can insert text but it brings me an error on query because it says need number. I used " or ' but its wrong and doesnt work. how i can solve that