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Why not just replace std::copy with memmove()?
"specs" :s (I will reserve to keep to myself any impressions on the mental sanity of whomever wrote those specs.)

It's fine if the compiler optimizes to it, but can't write them myself.

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on the contrary, if you have a compliant c++11 compiler a do-nothing default constructor
Nope, needs to work among others on VS2010 and an older version of GCC. so I can't assume full C++11 compliance.

anyway, did you considered codeplug's reserve+assign+c_str suggestion ? I think you could even spare the reserve call ( being the const char* returned by c_str() random access iterators, the reserve should be done automatically, but I'm not sure though ... )
Yes, Even mentioned this before.
THe problem being that a std::string does not usually have a terminator, and calling c_str() could cause a realloc to insert it, which is the whole thing I'm trying to avoid.

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>> I think you could even spare the reserve call
Yes, but see above.