i am trying to read an ini file and usse an if or switch to take action.

i have this in ini.h file

LPCWSTR ini_read_string(LPCWSTR _ini_File_Name, LPCWSTR _ini_Section_Name, LPCWSTR _ini_Key_Name, LPCWSTR _ini_Default )
TCHAR _Rvalue[5];
return (LPCWSTR) _Rvalue;

now when i do this:

if(OverLay[0]==_T("NULL"))MessageBox(NULL,_T("File or kay not exists"),_T("Error"),MB_ICONEXCLAMATION|MB_OK);

but the key dos not exists, so it will return NULL, but yet i am not getting the message box (LPCWSTR)
i also dit try

if(OverLay[0]=="NULL"), if(OverLay[0]==L"NULL"),if(OverLay[0]== (LPCWSTR)"NULL"), if(OverLay[0]== (LPCWSTR)L"NULL"), if(OverLay[0]== (LPCWSTR)_T("NULL"))

but it never dit work.
to be sure of the returning value i also dit this


and ther it is, an message box with the text "NULL"
so why is the if(OverLay[0]==xxx) not working?
and i also need a big list so an working switch(OverLay[0]) will be nice as well (else i need to do if/ else if many times)

Thanks for reading