I have a Shimmer sensor connected to a bluetooth adapter via bluetooth. It streams live information. My research is based on Bluetooth communication underwater and unfortunately I want other information from the sensor, the received signal strength indicator. If I could output it to an excel spreadsheet it would help, but I'm happy just receiving a number at the moment.

import java.io.IOException;

public static int readRSSI(RemoteDevice btDevice) {

int deviceRSSI = 0
deviceRSSI = RemoteDeviceHelper.readRSSI(btDevice);
} catch (IOException cantReadRSSI) {
System.out.println(" rssi " + deviceRSSI);


I think this will print one number and stop. I do not know if 'RemoteDeviceHelper' is included in the basic Java package, howeever this site seemed to mention it.

I would like a continuous loop outputted in the command prompt, but I do not know if I have the basics right first. I was hoping you'd have some suggestions.

Many thanks,