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    Debug Assertion on ActiveX Create


    I have a MFC Com Dll that has a CDialog. In the OnCreate event I create an ActiveX control. The dll is hosted inside an executable of mine. In this scenario everything works fine!

    The dll is also called from an external executable and then a Debug Assertion in OCCSITE.cpp occurs when I create the ActiveX control. I suspect that in the executable there is no AfxOleInit. I spend some time with this problem and tried to CoInitialize, OleInitialize, AfxOleInitModule and even AfxOleInit in the dll. But all that does not change a thing. If I understand the mechanics then this is an intended behaviour and should be done in the host exe.

    What I observed in the OCCSITE.cpp:

    _AFX_THREAD_STATE* pState = AfxGetThreadState();
    if (!pState->m_bNeedTerm && !AfxOleInit())
    	return hr;
    In my executable m_bNeedTerm is 0 and in the external one (where the ActiveX does not work) it is -1. In AfxOleInit this is explained as a special flag to prevent the dll from doing an unnecessary OleInitialize. But as I said even if I call OleInitialize myself I get the Debug Assertion and the ActiveX is not visible.

    Is there anything I can do to make the ActiveX control work in the external application? Obviously I cannot Change anything in the application...

    Thank you!!


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    Re: Debug Assertion on ActiveX Create

    You should provide a minimal compilable project that replicates your issue.
    Best regards,

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