I have a text file name fruit.txt that contains the following information of fruit id, fruitName and fruitQuantity.

If let's say I key in 2, it will search for the id=2 and delete the whole line and the id of banana which is orignially 3, will become 2 and orange which is orignally 4 will become 3 etc.

I researched on how it can be done and most suggested to put inside a vector and fout the line.

I know how to put the values in the vector but I have no idea how should I go about searching for the id and if the id is found it will delete that line inside the file. and thus need help.

 ofstream fout;
 ifstream readFile("fruit.txt");
    while (getline(readFile, line)) {
        istringstream iss(line);
        iss >> fruitId >> fruitName >> fruitQuantity

        fruitConstructor fruitDetails(fruitId,fruitName,fruitQuantity);
    cout << "Enter fruit id to remove" << endl;
    cin >> input;
//duno how I should write to delete the id of the line that 
matches my input 
    for(vector<fruitVector>::iterator it = fruitVector.begin(); it != fruitVector.end(); ++it)