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Thread: help me with this simple VB code

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    help me with this simple VB code

    Make a class Student having all required info of every student (add at least 5 students) and that stores all the data that will be given or entered. That will also store marks of each subject (enter marks of 6 subject at least) , calculate the total obtained marks ,percentage, grades and gpa in a particular subject. It will also calculate the gpa of a particular semester along with the overall cgpa.At the end also display the required result.
    1. Make a Class named Student.
    2. Make all required fields.
    3. Write a constructor for this class(parameterized + parameter less).
    4. Write all required methods(sub procedure and functions).
    5. Write main()
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    Re: help me with this simple VB code

    Post the code where you have problems

    ... If your problem is fixed don't forget to mark your threads as resolved using the Thread Tools menu ...

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    Re: help me with this simple VB code

    plz send me code for above problem plz plz help me

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    Re: help me with this simple VB code

    Usually we do not help with Homework ( and this is without a doubt homework ) if you haven't made an effort yourself.

    What have you done so far?
    What errors did you get and where?

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