Hello! I'm working on a real estate website using wordpress. I'm pretty familiar with the ins and outs of wordpress. We are using a plugin that basically pulls from a database for real estate. This plugin generates "virtual pages" that cannot be found anywhere in wordpress, which display the homes and various property searches.

My problem with this is that there is absolutely no way to customize these "virtual pages", since they are generated by various PHP functions. Now I see that there are php pages that coordinate with the sections from the plugin. For example, one of the virtual pages is called "Map Search". In the plugin folder I found a php page called mapsearch.php.

I thought that I could grab the code from one of the php pages, create a custom page template, named "template-mapsearch.php" and insert the code from the mapsearch.php file into the custom page, however when choosing this custom page from the template menu within the wordpress page editor, nothing seems to happen.

My best guess is that the code doesn't know what to do since it is not within the plugin folder. Any thoughts on how to do this?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.