I ended up messing the MBR using HDHacker tool accidently. After removing Linux , I was trying to set the MBR back to what is was before using HDHacker tool.
It showed, on Hard drive 0, sector 1 had error message, sector 2, 3,4 had some values while 5 and beyond had 0s.
So I copied sector 2- 5 and over wrote to sector 1-4, thus deleting the sector 1 and overwritting with 2 and so forth.

I did save sector 1- 5 as a file , as allowed by the tool.

After restarting the windows, it failed to load, saying Boot Device not found.
I understand I am totally doomed.

Just wondering if there is a way to solve this problem. I do not have windows repair or re-install disc, nor the product key to download iso file form microsoft. None did come with the purchase of the laptop.

Any help would be appreciated a bunch.