I have quite a bit of experience in VB6 and use it to create applications for communicating with our products.
I have not used databases.
I have an application something like -

The application comes up to show 8 combo boxes each box has the full set of keyboard keys available to it, so for instance on the first drop down you can, (and do) select key a. On the next dropdown box you can now select b-z but not a (since it was used).
For 8 keys on the keyboard the user can select an action (i.e. turn on a light or make as sound).

What I need is the way to remove 'a' (or any other key) from the selectable set once it is selected.

I believe this is perfect for a database, so I wanted to create and internal table or recordset that would be tied to the comboboxes for just this purpose but I do not see any help on doing so.

Does anyone have any info on such a thing?