I decided to change my job, now I have had 2 offers (1 from a Japanese company-PM position, 1 from www.oucru.org where I have to work as a data programmer). On a positive side, I will probably be getting another offer from a European company and currently am ready for a second round interview with Merck

Benefits for working in a Japanese company are not much compared to OUCRU: overtime workload is huge, all ordinary benefits offered are the same as most of small companies; OUCRU offer more benefits (7-7 1/2 hour work per day, 2 times of bonus per year, health care insurance 24/7) position/title is lower and sitting above me is a pretty young man. I asked the OUCRU interviewer about its hierarchy of power management, he said it was flat but his explanation wasn't telling me anything flat out of it at all... (I don't like my throat to be cut like that of a chicken). And OUCRU offers low salary, only half of what is provided by others. What I love to work on turns out to be sooo cheap in my area.
Job with Merck is mainly about database and web applications that has nothing to do with bioinformatics.
Job with a European company is that I will work with my customer directly, my employer becomes HR provider of some sort.