I am trying to duplicate a report we have saved; long story why. Point is that when the original is pulled up, the Select Expert shows 3 tabs; A, B & C. When I go to replicate this in the copy, there are two problems.

Problem 1: Tab C references a summary field in the original that does not show up in the field explorer of the original. At the same time, if I create the summary field in the replica (which does show up in the field explorer), it does not show up as an option to add to the selection fields in select expert. End result: I cannot create Tab C in the replica.

Problem 2: Under "show formula" -> "record selection" for the original, I get a set of instructions that reference tabs A and B, but none that reference C. There is an extra line of code that references another field that is not in the tabs above (field D). If I add that line of code to my replica, it generates a tab D at the top, which does not show up in the original at all.

Does anyone understand why these fields/instructions/select experts are behaving differently from each other?