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    You never get bored or tired of programming stuff?

    I just opened the forum, to look around here after a long break.

    I see always same members answering questions etc etc. Of course i have nothing against this. I am just curious..

    The long time members here, HannesTheGreat, Paul McKenzie etc etc.
    Active members with lots of posts.

    Do you ever feel that you are getting tired of all this here?
    Answering questions, posting etc?

    I repeat, i have nothing against this forum or members. I really love this forum, because its active and it has very professional members here who know their stuff. And i got lots of help from you and them. Thank You!

    I know all people are different. Me personally, i cant do one thing for a long time.
    I get bored quickly. I have to do different things.

    I have many unfinished projects, some in C++ and some in Pascal (Delphi) but i have no mood for any coding, i stopped coding in the july or august and had to do something else. Work on my car, go out with somebody or anything. But i didnt want to see any coding.

    Now its end of the october but i still feel that i dont want to do any coding.
    Absolutely no mood for this kind of stuff.

    For me it takes a while until i can code again. I have to do different things in the meantime. Just got my girlfriend back and so on. I can use my PC to watch movies and find any info on internet but thats all.

    Do you ever feel the same? Turn the PC off, close any programming IDEs and just tell yourself: "thats it. Enough for me" ?

    And get tired of this all?
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    Re: You never get bored or tired of programming stuff?

    Good question. hahaha, it is funny that I am the first to reply here

    Anyways, yes. I think it is just normal to switch off. If you don't you will have a burn out - like me.

    I used to study, work at work, get home eat, then go to my pc and my personal projects and forums. I was literally up until 3 AM every night. Doing this for 10+ years I got used to it. But, I reached a level where I just couldn't anymore. No forums, no coding, no internet - nothing.

    After a few months I came to realise that, I am destroying myself.

    I sold my PC, got married. And now, I do my work and my forums at work. At home, I am at home. Weekends I get something else to keep me busy - no computers, laptops, internet, nothing.

    That has helped tremendously.

    Concerning the forums, yes, I have had many a time where I said I am leaving now becuase of this and this. Sometimes helping people can take its toll, especially if there are people not thankful towards you, or there are members always competing with you. A lot of things. I should also say that I have calmed down, and learned to take each blow on the chin ( if you get what I mean )

    I will never leave the forums though, but yeah, sometimes it is difficult

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    Re: You never get bored or tired of programming stuff?

    Also just to shadow what hannes has said...

    all of us have take a sabbatical every now and then, and not even looked at CG for a month or so, and left it up to others to do the 'Hard' work of replying to the same questions over and over..

    But there is something almost magical of logging in and finding that one person who posts that magical question that has all the right info you need to properly formulate a answer that is not a copy paste from the previous thread... You know... that one question that you go miles out of your way to help the guy out and fix all the little problems....

    There are several different reasons for taking breaks, Some, like myself recently, need to be cause of health or life issues.. I moved to a new place (no Inet for 2 months) and then had to have an emergency appendectomy, that left me out of it for two weeks...

    But there will always be something that draws you back.....
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    Re: You never get bored or tired of programming stuff?

    I learned two languages by replying to questions on forums. First Java and now C++. But at the same time I got quite addicted. I think it's the same mechanism that causes everybody to fiddle with their phones all the time. You develop a craving to stay updated with symptoms of withdrawal if you're prevented. It becomes a habit that can be very hard to kick. I have had to force myself to stay off forums.

    Programming is different. Solving problems with a computer is pure bliss. It's all I ever wanted to do really. The day I get tired of that is the day I die. Twenty years ago I had amassed enougth capital to retire so I did that. First I took a second masters in biology and then I started to work at home on the so called protein folding problem. The first couple of years I felt a little lonely but I got over it. Now I really enjoy this total freedom. At least to me it's freedom. Other probably would get bored stiff. I realize I'll never finish my project because it tends to grow but that's fine. The way is the goal.

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    Re: You never get bored or tired of programming stuff?

    Im just a dumb a$$ carpenter. I dont touch a computer all day, but at the end of the day when I am trying to wind down, Ill turn on the computer and work on one of my projects. For me, it is relaxing, except for those times when I get completely caught up in what Im working on and the next thing I know it is 5 a.m. and I have to be at work in 2 hours. I am gratefull to a few of the people on here, not for giving me the answer, but helping me find the solution. I dont want to offend anyone by naming some people and not others, so thanks to all who do respond to the posts.

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