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    Post Sending HTTP POST & GET commands and Receiving POST commands to/from a remote server

    I am a C# novice. I have primarily coded in C. I have a design problem, that I hope anyone can give me some insight and/or code snippets.

    Problem: We have GUI software written in C# that communicates with LRUs (line replaceable units) for the purpose of loading and retrieving information.
    I have a LRU server that currently uses HTTP POST commands to transfer data to a laptop server. The laptop currently accepts that LRU POST data and displays in a web page.
    The laptop also uses POST and GET commands to the LRU, inorder to set and retrieve LRU values. I want to use a different laptop configured with our software to perform the same tasks.
    Our laptop displays the data in custom designed GUI windows and doesn’t use a web interface or browser.

    1. Do you have C# code examples to illustrate how our laptop server might receive the following HTTP POST data command from the LRU: i.e. POST /mipg3/servlet/xmlToMySql HTTP/1.0 ?
    2. Do you have C# code examples to illustrate how our laptop server might POST the following HTTP POST data command to the LRU: POST /cgi/-bin/setFreq HTTP/1.1 ?
    3. Do you have C# code examples to illustrate how our laptop server might send the following HTTP GET data command to the LRU: GET /setFreq.shtml HTTP/1.1 and receive the POSTed LRU response:
    i.e. POST /mipg3/servlet/xmlToMySql HTTP/1.0?

    The two servers are on an isolated one-to-one network. They currently use DHCP to configure their addresses. i.e. LRU: Laptop:
    I have attached a Wireshark network analysis of a sample communication between the LRU and the initial laptop (using a web interface w/the LRU).

    Thank you very much for any assistance you can share,

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