I just graduated with a degree in Psychology, and while I enjoyed my classes, I don't see myself enjoying a job in the psych industry. Meanwhile, I've been programming off/on for the past few years, and so I more-or-less know my stuff. I know C++, Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and am looking to expand my knowledge. My mom's letting me take a year off as I try to figure out what I want to do now that I've graduated. Now to the crux of the question:

Since I have a year before I start job hunting, what can I do over the next year to build my resume? Are there any "hot" open-source projects that I could join that would prove I know my stuff? Any way I can connect myself to a big-name school or big-name company would be stellar! Should I sign up for competitions, and if so what's available? If I build applications in an attempt to show employers I know my stuff, what exactly would they be looking for in the application? What else can I do?

Before anyone suggests it, I can't go back to school this year because I'm broke and maxed out on loans.