Using Graphics and Picture Boxes
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Thread: Using Graphics and Picture Boxes

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    Using Graphics and Picture Boxes

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    Hey again! You guys were pretty helpful last time, so I wanted to see if I could bug you again! Heh...

    Anyhow... I'm stumped. :x Been following a few leads but I haven't gotten anywhere solid.

    I wanted to use a picture box to display graphics loaded from a file. In VB6, I would have loaded the tilesheet in a rectangle of its own, then using program code, and a map object, I could display parts of the tilesheet rectangle in their appropriate locations on a seperate rectangle that served as the game screen. This rectangle would display itself on a picturebox control.

    I wanted to know if it would be possible to recreate that, if anyone else has ever attempted or even read something about this.

    I'll continue to Google around and read through books and APIs, I just wanted to know if anyone would know how I would go about starting this.

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