I have a problem and I'm hoping you can help. I'm a total layperson, so please forgive any ignorance I might display! Thanks!

My boss wants to make a wesbite, and needs to hire someone to do it. In about a month he'll have the following:
1. A site flow diagram
2. A hyperlinked omnigraffle/Visio walkthrough of the entire website
3. And some thoughts on the user interface

1. How can he properly evaluate who to hire for the job?
2. How can he screen people to hire or not hire (implement some sort of small test for reliability- like Timothy Ferriss)?
3. What are some other things that I should have ready in hiring someone?

As a bit of background, the website will be a habit website, and essentially be a very basic HTML, PHP, and Ruby site. It would essentially include 10 successive pages, each with three forms. This would be the HTML and PHP part. The Ruby Part would be for down the road, to drag and drop content to fill the forms.

It would be really great if I could get someone on this forum to PM me with contact information so that I can put you in touch with my boss directly, but I'd also be happy with public responses directly to the post.