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    Calling C# methods from a matlab script


    How can a method in C# be called from matlab, and how can some parameters be passed to C# methods from matlab? Is there a good and simple example on internet?


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    Re: Calling C# methods from a matlab script

    There are lots of options;
    Web Services
    Console Application

    what are the requirements?
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    Re: Calling C# methods from a matlab script

    I wanted to use matlab to run a .NET calculation engine for simulation purposes.

    Calculation engine represents a complex analytical relationship like predictions based on some historical data. Matlab calls the calculation engine by passing varied parameter values (like value drivers in a financial plan).

    The results are passed from the calculation engine back to matlab which can present them to users visually with graphs.

    In the meanwhile, I've made some research and found a solution myself which is presented here:
    Calling calculation engine from matlab?

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