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    Angry My Logic is well mess need help with System.IO

    Hi guys

    I really would appericate if you can either point me to the right direction or give me a example of how it could be done.

    As part of my University project I am writting a program that basically helps people with spelling the objective are

    App will speak out the word and user will type the word if match found then you get a point if not then you get a point for getting it wrong so at the end of spelling list you will know how many you got right and how many you got wrong.

    the problem is my code a does not generate random word from my list of spelling and B it just runs from begaining of the file to the end of the file with out giving the user the option to enter a new word after the app has spoken .

    here is my code
     ' Declare a variable for system.IO as streamReader 
            Dim ObjReader As New System.IO.StreamReader("C:\Users\waheedrafiq\Dropbox\University BCU\Visual Basic ICT\Basic_AI\EnglishSpellingABC\englishspelling.txt")
            Dim Count As Integer
            Dim CountWrongAnswer As Integer
            Dim sLine As String = ""  ' Declare sLine as string variable to be use in the loop
            Dim userInput As String    ' declare UserInput as string to be use to store user value.
            Count = 0
            CountWrongAnswer = 0
            Do While ObjReader.EndOfStream = False ' Do while we have not reach end of file.
                sLine = ObjReader.ReadLine()   ' Read from file and store value to sLine
                speakWord.Speak(sLine)          ' Speak the value store in sLine
                sLine.ToUpper().Trim() '  convert sLine value to Uppercase remove any spaces  
                '   userInput = InputBox("Enter correct spelling" & vbOKOnly)
                userInput = txtUserInput.Text ' Store value from textbox to userinput variable
                userInput.ToUpper().Trim()  ' covert userInput value to uppercase and remove any spaces
                If sLine.ToUpper.Trim = userInput.ToUpper.Trim Then
                    speakWord.Speak("Well done that was the correct answer")
                    Count += 1
                    lblScore.Text = CStr(Val(Count.ToString))
                ElseIf ObjReader.EndOfStream = True Then
                    speakWord.Speak("Spelling test has ended well done " & "You have Scored" & Count & "Out of " & CountWrongAnswer)
                    ' Exit Do
                    speakWord.Speak("Wrong spelling")
                    CountWrongAnswer += 1
                    lblWrongScore.Text = CStr(Val(CountWrongAnswer.ToString))
                End If
        End Sub

    any support will be much appreciated
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    Waheed Rafiq


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