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    Convert BITMAPINFO header into unsigned char pointer

    Hey there,

    I have a bitmap header information in the struct

    typedef struct tagBITMAPINFO {
    RGBQUAD bmiColors[1];

    The total size of this is 1080.

    Now i want to convert this into a unsigned char pointer.

    unsigned char * pBMPHeaderData;

    I already got the raw image data in another unsigned char buffer.

    unsigned char* pRawBMPData;

    Now i want to make a complete BMP image by adding the header info and raw data into a new unsigned char pointer. For this i need to convert the BITMAPINFO struct into a unsigned char *

    So the new buffer will be,

    unsigned char * pCompleteBMPIMageData = pBMPHeaderData + pRawBMPData;

    Can anyone tell me how to do this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Convert BITMAPINFO header into unsigned char pointer

    You want to make a buffer big enough to hold the header and the bits, then use memcpy to copy the header and the image into the new buffer.

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    Re: Convert BITMAPINFO header into unsigned char pointer

    Please note the bmiColors[1]. This is where your raw data should start when copied to the new buffer. This trick is widely used in Win32 API when reference to a data of variable size is provided.

    Besides, be careful about wording. The word 'convert' is not appropriate here. You cannot convert buffer to a pointer, as this makes no sense: buffer/structure is a memory bytes, pointer is a memory address. Using incorrect terminology typically leads to lots of misunderstandings as well as obscuring the essence of the issue, and inability to solve it proper way as the result.
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    Re: Convert BITMAPINFO header into unsigned char pointer

    The reason why i want to get the BITMAP Info structure in a unsigned char pointer is because i want to convert that into a base64 encoded string.

    So it's not about converting a structure into a unsigned char pointer. I want the data in the structure to be populated in a unsigned char pointer so that it could be later used to generate a base64 encoded string for the bitmap image.

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