Nevron Software, a global leader in component software development for over 14 years, is proud to announce the release of the Beta version of Nevron Open Vision!

This month marks the release of the Beta version of Nevron Open Vision the Cross-Platform Presentation Layer for .NET Developers. At Nevron we believe that it also marks a new era in the development of Enterprise-level applications and user interfaces.

NOV is the first framework able to provide you with platform independence, while at the same time it brings to you all the features and heavy components you may need to develop true cross-platform presentation layer.

- Single Code Base
- Truly native apps
- Genuine cross-platform

The Nevron team is excited to announce the NOV Beta release and we invite you to join us and enter a new era in C# development today!

The beta program is an excellent way to learn about the NOV features and see how it can assist with your solutions development. The NOV Beta version also comes with great number of examples for WinForms, WPF and Silverlight.

Download the Beta today and discover Nevron Open Vision - A whole new way to develop!

Nevron Software