Well, we've all been there--having to deal with a bad database design that was created by people who don't know the impact of their choices. We have an off-the-shelf software package that has a FieldContact table. The record doesn't have fields to hold the start-contact and end-contact times.

SO...our management decided that the users can enter the start- and end-times in a free-form memo text field!! A how-to document was sent out to let users know how to enter the data. But, just doing a visual check, not very many records have been correctly entered.

Here's what the users are supposed to enter in the memo field:
Start Time:{space}mm/dd/yyyy{space}hh{colon}mm{space or newline}
End Time:{space}mm/dd/yyyy{space}hh{colon}mm
Total Time: 1.75hrs

What I need to do is to...
- edit the start and end times and create bad-date-text if a date was bad
- compare start and end times; if endTime<startTime create endTime<startTime error text
- if both dates are valid and endTime>=startTime, do a DateDiff between them in seconds

Please HELP!!!