Note: this role seeks a hobbyist or college student that has at least 5+ hours each week to dedicate.


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Engine Information

The game is coded in BYOND, in a language known as Dream Maker, which is extremely easy (and fun) to use. Dream Maker streamlines development by taking care of various aspects, from networking to level development. For a more detailed look at Dream Maker's pros and cons, see:

If you are adept at C++, you will have absolutely no trouble adapting within 2-3 days. It is very similar.

Project Information

Eternia is an online, action and strategy based, player-driven role-play world. It immerses the community into a fantasy medieval plot, where writers of varying talent congregate to advance the story and build upon the lore. The world grows with time, shaped by the actions of the players and the events that take place.

It's an engine that the Game Masters use to create a story, with the players as the heroes and villains... Eternia is one of few ORPGs that was designed with role-playing as the main focus.

MMORPG servers lack the immersion that Eternia provides, and role-playing forums lack the speed that live chat allows for. Eternia is the answer to those two problems.


We are currently working on a non-role-playing mandatory server. Ideally, the programmer will also assist with this down the road.

This is a long-term commitment. We need at least 5 hours of week of your time. If you can offer more - great.

The hourly rate is low because we're funding it through subscriptions. Once the two servers (role-play and PvP) are more polished, we will begin to advertise on a heavy scale - through Flash support, which the BYOND engine is soon to offer, as well as other mediums. The rate will increase accordingly.

Contact Information

Please get in touch if you have questions regarding the project and/or you'd like to offer your services. If you are sending an e-mail, make sure to include information on past projects, your experience in C++, and your schedule + future schedule.

Skype: askypetochatandstuff