Greetings From Dublin, Ireland,

I am a novice(60) just learning the basics of VC++, the very basics. I have MS Visual Studio.NET 2003 on my seven year old HP Compaq Presario 1519UK and I set out to copy this project:

I tried to download Visual Studio Express a few years ago but it wouldn't install.
All was going well until I went to Build>Build Solution after I had copied in the block of code to add the custom property to the control. I think I have followed the instructions to the letter but to start with I got a long list of build errors over 50. Then I put an open brace bracket just before the first statement like this:



property bool ClickAnywhere {
bool get() {


and so on and, of course, putting the closed brace bracket at the end of the block of code
That open bracket that you can see above the first line of code reduces the number of build errors to only two: error code C2059 and another one C2334. I understand that that long list of errors are not really errors at all but a consequence of something I hope that's very simple but something key to the whole thing like my adding those brace brackets that improved everything greatly.
What can I do to fix this so that I have no build errors? I have come close but not close enough.
Is there now some fundamental difference between MS Visual Studio.NET 2003 and later versions of same?


Peter Nolan.