Hi, I wish to restrict columns for user entries. While the users click or enters into Column_1 or Column_2, I wish to focus to a cell in same row & column_3.So I tried by the following ways, it's not succeeded...

It's giving "Re-Entrant call to a SetCurrentCellAddress Core function", error...

Note : May be Column-3 is DataGridViewComboBox Column....

Thanks for the helps

private: System::Void MyDataGrid1_CellEnter(System::Object^ Sender, System::Windows::Forms:ataGridViewCellEventArgs^ e) {
if (e->RowIndex>0 && (e->ColumnIndex==1 || e->ColumnIndex==2)) {
myDataGrid1->Rows[myDataGrid1->CurrentCell->RowIndex]->Cells[3]->Selected = true;
myDataGrid1->SelectionMode = DataGridViewSelectionMode::CellSelect;
myDataGrid1->MultiSelect = false;